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Top 3 All Around Best Lifestyle Sunglasses written by: smithmatt40 Sitting around the pool, taking a walk through the park or just relaxing in your back yard. But sun in your eyes can make those days hard to enjoy. Sunglasses almost always fix that problem. But high-quality, polarized lenses, and looking good can all be things your glasses are missing. Finding the ones with all that and more can be difficult to find. I have done the curtsy of finding it for you and giving you options to find the best fit for you.
1) Oakley Holbrook
Depending on the color of you choice, a pair of these can cost you anywhere from 170-200. Expensive right. Its worth it, offering the patented O-matter frame giving you a stress-resistent materiel that is both lightweight and durable. Keeping those eyes protected is key to quality. Thats why Oakley has its Plutonite lenses with 100% UV protection, keeping you save from a list of harmful rays. Always having that glare in your glasses, Oakley fixed that too with the High Definition Optics making clarity a walk in the park.
2) Smith Wayward ChromaPop
Costing you around 210-240 dollars, giving you a descent size hole in you pocket. Its well worth the price. With the use of the evolve frame durability is not a problem. Incorporated into that frame are the Hydrophilic megol nose and temple pads. That means keeping them on all day without the irritability of pressure build ups. Getting tired of looking unattractive and bulgy spring hinges? Fixing that was not a problem, spring hinges are out-of-site and no more. ChromaPop patented polarized lens will give your eyes that break they always needed.
3) Maui Jim Kawika
At 299 dollars putting this as most expensive item on this list. But Maui Jim didn’t do that to rob you of your money. Instead they gave you wanna of the highest quality glasses you can ever own. Composite frame leaving you with long lasting sunglasses that can be worn for years. Also involving metal in the frame for surrounding those polarized lenses with protection. Meaning no more broken lenses when dropped, helping you save your money. If your style is on point then these are a perfect fit for you. With a sleek design making it fit your face with attitude.
Sunglasses have became a part of our everyday lives. With so many options and styles these days, it can be hard to make a choice. Lifestyle is a category meant for those everyday activities that follows most peoples life. I offered you some of the top ranked, highest ratings, and most sold sunglasses that fit this category. Making those difficult decision a thought no more.