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How to choose the Best sunglasses for driving in 2017. If by now you have tried driving with an ordinary pair of sunglasses, you probably realized that all sunglasses aren’t the same. There are several important features a pair of driving shades ought to have if you’re going to experience the ultimate driving experience. These features are what set them apart from any other type of shades out there. Having the right pair of shades while driving in the sun could reduce your risk of accidents by reducing light glare, improving contrast and clearing peripheral vision. Therefore, maximizing your field of view and enhancing your judgment on the road. Some of the best shades reviewed here along with their special features are highly recommended.


Things to consider when choosing the best sunglasses for driving.

Frame style

While the larger and oversized frames are fashionable and in the style, these are not the sunglasses you want to wear while driving. These types of sunglasses can easily interfere with your peripheral vision which is very dangerous when behind the wheel of a car.

Polarized lenses

These types of lenses are special in that they help reduce the amount of glare from the sun, therefore keeping your eyes safe by reducing the amount of strain brought about by the sun’s rays. Most high-quality sunglasses have UV blocking substance attached to these polarized lenses.

Checking for distortion

If you are like me, then at one point in time you have probably come across those lenses that distort your vision in some way. Either making the ground look far away or simply making lines and corners seem bent. This kind of thing could be risky when driving. You can simply put the glasses on and look at a tiled floor by moving your head side to side or up and down. If everything looks the same, you are good to go!

Lenses that block UV rays

These rays are harmful to the eyes and could result to eye growths or cataracts. The best sunglasses for driving should have the ability to block 99 to 100% of these ultraviolet rays tuning into local radio stations to find out the UV index in your area can help you know when to wear protective gear i.e. at index 3 or higher. Some manufacturers indicate the lenses capability to absorb UV rays as up to (400 nm) which is equivalent to 100% absorption.

Impact resistance

In order to consider your sunglasses as safe for driving, they must meet the safety standards set by the Federal Food and Drug Administration. That means lenses should be

• Unbreakable

• scratch under any form of impact

• Scratch resistant

I strongly recommend Polycarbonated lenses for best impact resistance.

Choose dark shades
I advise choosing a shade of sunglasses that make your eyes comfortable enough to see what you need to see. They should at no cost lower your vision.

Mui Jim Stingray Sunglasses

Maui Jim Stingray Polarized SunglassesThe rectangular shape makes them ideal for several face sizes. They come in three different colors and are very simple and top of the line quality to ensure durability. These sunglasses are fitted with sturdy frames made from cellulose propionate also known as thermoplastic a hypoallergenic material that keep the sunglasses strong but at the same time light, it becomes so easy to wear throughout the day, that you may even forget you had them on. The super thin lenses are scratch resistance very light and have clear optics. Not to mention the anti-corrosive Silver Spring hinge that makes it hard to break. The Mui Jim is employ the use of glass rather than a Polycarbonate and offers the best kind of polarization out there said to enhance and sharpen details, while at the same time reducing glare from pavements, snow, water and sand making sure your eyes don’t strain.

Ray-Ban Aviator RB3025 Large metal Aviator sunglasses

Best sunglasses for drivingThese lenses combine quality, style, and class in one pair of sunglasses. They are the most iconic and classy glasses in the world because they combine a classic aviator style with great quality. These forms of sunglasses come in different colors giving the client a variety to choose from. They have 100% ultraviolet protection that’s offer protection, comfort and a clear vision while driving. The Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses have a full rim frame, which has a copper and nickel base that protects it from corrosion. This kind of protection ensures that the glasses are more durable and stable. What I love most about this sunglasses is the comfort it gives as a result of its adjustable nose pads which also goes further to ensure that the glasses are well supported so that they don’t fall. The well-molded silicone temples also contribute to the comfort one experiences when wearing the Ray- ban sunglasses.

Serengeti Velocity Sunglasses

Serengeti Velocity SunglassesMaking use of top-notch material, the glasses unique build has a special way of creating high definition images because of its amazing lens. The lenses enhance color and provide contrast through selective filtration of some colors from the light spectrum creating a high definition view with crisp color. The photochromic lenses automatically darken when there is bright sunlight for clearer definition while lightening in the shade to enhance the contrast. The lenses are durable and cannot wear out because of the technology incorporated into the unique lens. The UV protection offered by the Serengeti glasses is 100% not to mention the anti-reflecting coating located on the backside of each lens to do away with unnecessary reflections and glare. The polarizing film used in the Serengeti velocity glasses reduces eye fatigue when driving by eliminating any glare fashioned from light rays that may be bouncing from all kinds of surfaces.

J+s Premium Military Style Classic Aviator Sunglasses

J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator SunglassesThis military style aviator sunglasses offer 100% protection from both UVA and UVB radiation that may be harmful to the eyes. The lenses are rated at 400UV that means that it offers long-term eye protection as one is driving. To protect one from glare, the lenses are polarized with a filter layer, which is embedded vertically on the lens in order to improve one’s visual clarity. If you prefer a comfortable pair of sunglasses with a much lighter weight that offer maximum coverage around your eyes, the J+S premium military style sunglasses offer this feature to its user. For durability, the lenses are tough and scratch resistant. These sunglasses also have a very high-quality frame type, one that is lightweight and very strong; this is because of the metallic alloy that makes this frame. The frame also gives room for flexibility, facilitated by the adjustable nose pads made of silicon.

Duduma Polarized Sports sunglasses for running driving fishing Golf Tr90

Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Running Cycling Fishing Golf Tr90 Unbreakable Frame-minI would recommend this type of sunglasses for individuals who value comfortability and style as they engage in outdoor activities. These Duduma sunglasses, characterized by their super lightweight design, offer maximum comfortability since one can hardly feel them on their face. The lenses and frames are highly durable and it is very hard for them to break or for the lenses to scratch this is made possible by the polarized triacetate lenses. The polarized lenses also offer glare protection. Since the biggest concern to most drivers, runners or cyclers are the ultraviolet rays these pair of sunglasses has already taken care of that problem. It offers 100% protection against these harmful rays. The nose pads are made of rubbers, which are soft, and this makes these glasses very comfortable. Duduma polarized sports sunglasses come with a lifetime guarantee such that if one pair breaks one can return them for another pair.

Duduma Polarized Sports sunglasses for running driving fishing Golf Tr90

Gamma Ray Stealth Polarized UV400 Flat Black Updated Wrap Sunglasses in Shatterproof Nylon FrameThese sunglasses have a unique build. They are especially created for men and come with a polymerized multilayered TAC lens offering a 100% UV40 protection on your eyes not to mention the widespread nuclear household resistance. The product is extremely lightweight and long lasting thanks to the TR90 nylon structure that gives it its versatile and shatterproof character, making it hard to crack as it can withstand all types of temperature. This pair of goodies also comes with a special physique-carrying component that doubles as a cleaning pouch. These shades now come updated with a wayfarer design that is suitable for those who enjoy either leisure or energetic lifestyles. The frames are fitted with sleek influence resistant polycarbonate lenses making them cool and protective at the same time.


Maui Jim Makaha Polarized sunglasses

Maui Jim Makaha Polarized SunglassesIf you are looking for a sleek rimless design, I highly recommend this product. The Maui Jim rimless frame provides a superior coverage and protection; the shape is specially made to provide an obstruction-free vision. The polycarbonate lenses are strong and provide an impact resistance allowing you to involve yourself in any activity you desire without fear of shattering your shades. The Maui Jim offers a 99% protection from glare of any kind and reduces reflection a great deal enabling you to do your driving in it the sun and in any environment without having to worry about your eyes. Moreover, the glasses have a unique technology that helps in the blocking of UV rays from all angles of vision. They are absolutely comfortable and stylish as the rubber nose creates a firm grip for a perfect hold of the glasses. The glasses are safe and the lenses are coated with a scratch coating material that protects the front and back sides of the lenses from scratches.

Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket XLJ sunglasses

Oakley Men's Flak Jacket XLJ SunglassesThe best pair of sunglasses should be able to combine comfort, protection and fitness into one simple package and the Oakley Men’s flak jacket sunglasses guarantees all three features. The glasses come with a flexible nose pad that gives its user a comfortable fit. The lenses are photochromic thus, they are able to work well in various light conditions ensuring visibility enhancement. They also have UV protection because of the presence of pluto nite that filters the rays up to 100%.The iridium coating on the lenses offers protection from glare while the ability to interchange the lenses help in boosting vision. These pair of sunglasses is very durable and strong with a peripheral vision as well as protection on the side. They represent class and style because of their durability as well as stability.

Final word.

Basically, all sunglasses for driving recommended above are pretty good, when it comes to quality and affordable driving sunglasses. According to VSP connex, and American Optometry Association, the earth’s ozone layer blocks 97-99% of UV rays however that layer is increasingly thinning meaning our eyes are at risk. In countries like Australia, there are standards put in place for all sunglasses sold to meet a certain of lenses. Apart from protecting your eyes from UV rays studies have shown that polarized lenses in sunglasses help improve vision and could lead to avoiding accidents on the road. Generally, sunglasses provide and serve a comfort and safety type of utility when it comes to driving.


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