Ray Ban RB4195 Tech Wayfarer review

Sunglasses not only serve the special function of protecting the eyes from harmful rays of the sun but also become a great compliment to the wardrobe as well. The same way we protect our skin from the UV rays projected from the sun, it is important to protect our eyes as well. UV rays have been proven to contain three bands which are labeled: UVA, UVB, and UVC. Of the three, UVB has been found to be the most harmful not only to the skin but also the eyes. UVA has little or no effect on the eyes but it is equally good to guard against it. UVC has no impact on the skin or eyes. Away from the science and geek staff, sunglasses are very fancy too. The compliment the skin and clothes we wear.Sunglasses blend in well in official and unofficial environments and Ray Ban have ensured that they give the best for all occasions. The latest addition to the classy Ray Ban collection of sunglasses: Ray Ban RB4195 Tech Wayfarer review Liteforce Sunglasses Bundle-2.

Ray Ban RB4195 Tech Wayfarer review Liteforce Sunglasses Bundle-2 specs

These latest Ray Ban tech sunglasses came in two shades; Black and green. Most common sunglasses are in shades of black but if you are the experimental type and don’t like flowing with the crowd, then green shades will do you no harm but make you stand out from the crowd. They also bend in well especially in sunny conditions.

What are they made of?

These sun glasses are majorly made of plastic which is more durable. The frame and the lens are all made of plastic which is hard to distinguish from glass. They are non-polarized as well so you do not have to worry about the after effects of eye adjustments when you remove them.

Other structural features include; Height- 43.3 mm, width- 52mm, bridge- 20mm, arm- 150mm.

What do you get when you purchase these sunglasses?

When you purchase the Ray-Ban RB4195 from Amazon, it comes in a bundle of two; the actual sunglasses and a lens cleaning kit. The cleaning kit includes a couple of components. A gray microfiber cleaning cloth, one ounce cleaning spray bottle, and a screw driver that doubles up as a key holder as well. These help to keep the viewing lenses crystal clean all the time and also help in maintenance of the sunglasses so that they might have a longer lifeline.

To add some icing to the cake, the manufacturers offer these sunglasses with a warranty. This is how genuine the Ray Bans are and you can always reach out to the manufacturer if you do have some questions and concerns.

In conclusion, these cozy Ray Ban sunglasses are now in stock and you can purchase them for $165 only. This is a special offer which gives you a discount of 20%. you can even get a credit offer to be paid in full within six months.

These sunglasses are guaranteed not only to protect your eyes but also enhance your look and style.



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